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D: May God Have Mercy

On my fandom.

3/8/06 01:02 am - spidermangai

Okay, so like... Why not Kiba?

I see he's really ignored. By the fandom. In pairings.

So tell me ladies...


I mean, he IS a hunk-a-burnin love.

Well I think I figured it out.

Kiba is not angsty. Nor is he the savior-Naruto-type. So the fandom says: WHAT? BUILD AN ACTUAL RELATIONHSIP BASED ON SOMETHING OTHER THAN ANGST? RUBBISH!


Suivez la coupe mon amour!Collapse )

2/5/06 08:14 am - spidermangai

I'll say it now, and I'll say it again.

Zabuza and Haku.



1/22/06 04:47 pm - spidermangai - .........

What happens when a Naruto girl sees Sasuke?Collapse )
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